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Ballad of Descent

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4 3/4 x 8, 194 pp.
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ISBN 978-0-8101-1252-0 / $56.95

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Ballad of Descent

Martin Vopenka

Martin and Tomas leave Prague on Christmas Day for "that other country." Although their destination is the mountains, their departure has been initiated by a search for their own identity--people in their country have become alike, losing their individuality and becoming products of a totalitarian regime. The pair become the guests of a high school teacher, but Martin falls in love with the teacher's daughter only to lose her in a police suppression, and the Other Country is revealed as a merciless machine of oppression that throws its people into despair.

"Vopenka manages this material with a deft and compellingly simple control of sentences that is reminiscent of both Kafka and Kundera. The book is really superb, as is Bryson's translation." --Choice

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