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Horse in the Dark

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6.125 x 8.5, 96 pp.
Trade Paper

ISBN 978-0-8101-2840-8 / $16.95

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Horse in the Dark
Vievee Francis

Bold and skilled, Francis takes us into the still landscapes of Texas, evoking the African American South in fluid detail. Her poems become panhandle folktales fraught with the weight of memories both individual and collective. Her creative tangle of metaphors, people, and geography will keep the reader rooted in the good earth of extraordinary verse.

“The poems in Vievee Francis’s Horse in the Dark are revelations—of memory, of dust, of the cotton and marginalia strung together to make a history.” —Adrian Matejka, author of Mixology

So many suitors.... Who can resist Vievee Francis? ‘Horse in the Dark,’ just like ‘Blue-Tail Fly’ before it, attests to Francis’s graceful state of dignified self-possession informed by sorrows, brutal violence, and hidden desires. Francis’s desire lines are complicated. Ever authentic and observant, she adjures us... to follow her... to put down our bow, take up our lyre, and sing. ‘Horse in the Dark’ is the long version of Philip Larkin’s line “What will survive of us is love.’ ~Scott Hightower, author of Part of the Bargain and Self-evident

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