After the Bombs

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Publication Date
July 1995
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221 pages
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After the Bombs

Arturo Arias

After the Bombs is a coming of age story that holds a mirror up to the modern history of Guatemala--a funhouse mirror of richly inventive and farcical black comedy which provides a better description of life in that country than any history book ever could. It opens with the bombing of Guatemala City in 1954 when the hero, Max, is a small child. In a swiftly moving narrative, Max journeys twoard adulthood, searching for his identitty, for his father, and along the way, for the real Guatemala and the possibility of a society founded on human decency, after the bombs.
About the Author

Arturo Arias (Guatemala city, 1950) is a Guatemalan novelist and critic, who is currently a professor of 20th-century Spanish-American Literature at the University of Texas at Austin. He has taught courses specializing in: Central American literature; Indigenous literatures; social and critical theory; race, gender and sexuality in postcolonial societies; cultural studies, and ethnographic approaches. Professor Arias has previously taught at the Redlands University in Southern California and is a past president of the Latin American Studies Association. Dr. Arias holds a PhD in Sociology of Literature, from L'Ecole des Hautes Etudes Paris, France. (1978) He has written 6 novels and have been awarded with several prizes.

Asa Zatz was born in Mexico and has translated nearly one hundred books. He lives in New York.


"After the Bombs is a sort of bildungsroman run riot. Arias mixes stream-of-consciousness, lyrical outbursts, Marx Brothers antics, a nuanced, poetic sense of rhythm in his sentence construction, funky gossip, and myth, all with a fine sense of theatricality." --Voice Literary Supplement

"A sumptuous buffet of characters and situations." --Booklist

"Mr. Arias . . . has produced a powerfully disturbing work." --New York Times Book Review