Blood Pact and Other Stories

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ISBN 978-1-880684-39-9
Publication Date
April 1997
Page Count
214 pages
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5.5 x 8.5

Blood Pact and Other Stories

This collection -- "A brilliant fingerprint of the city of Montevideo" (Eduardo Galeano) -- includes the best of renowned Uruguayan writer Mane Benedetti's stories from over 40 years of publishing. In these stories of powerful sudden impact, Benedetti plumbs with deep psychological insight both the dreams and frustrations of the middle-class in a bureaucratic society, as well as the pain and disorientation of political exile. In his On Arts And Professions, Benedetti wrote, "the effect of the short story is the surprise, the astonishment, the revelation".
About the Author

Mario Benedetti belongs to the same generation of Julio Cortázar, Carlos Fuentes and Jose Donoso and is one of the writers who is best able to integrate aesthetic research with political awareness. His novels are now considered an essential link for understanding the evolution of the South American novel from the seventies until today.

"Benedetti blends introspection, elegy, and sly humor in piquant revelations of the terrors lurking in 'ordinary' people and things."
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