Brazilian Adventure

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ISBN 978-0-8101-6065-1
Publication Date
October 1999
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376 pages
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Brazilian Adventure

Peter Fleming

"Beyond the completion of a 3,000-mile journey, mostly under amusing conditions, through a little-known part of the world, and the discovery of one new tributary to a tributary to a tributary of the Amazon, nothing of importance was achieved."

Nothing indeed. In 1932, Peter Fleming, a literary editor, traded his pen for a pistol and took off as part of the celebrated search for missing English explorer Colonel P.H. Fawcett. With meager supplies, faulty maps, and packs of rival newspapermen on their trail, Fleming and his companions marched, canoed, and hacked through 3,000 miles of wilderness and alligator-ridden rivers in search of the fate of the lost explorer. One of the great adventure stories, Brazilian Adventure is as fresh a story today as it was when originally published in 1933.

About the Author

Fleming has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature from Southern Illinois University. He is a licensed California State Contractor. His license in classification C-15-Flooring. He is also a licensed Real Estate Agent.
"Mr. Fleming has a really exciting story to tell." --Evelyn Waugh
"One of the most amusing and engaging travel records ever written. . . . If Max Beerbohm had been sent out to search for Dr. Livingstone and had written a book about it, the result might have been something like Brazilian Adventure." --The New Yorker

"[I]f not the best travel book every written--though I think arguably it is--remains hands-down the funniest."  --The Financial Times