Administrative Staff

Jane Bunker
(847) 491.8111

Business Analyst 

For business related inquiries, please write to:

Jane Bunker
(847) 491.8111

Intellectual Property Specialist
Liz Hamilton
(847) 491.2458


Acquisitions Staff

The acquisitions editors acquire manuscripts in several key areas. This department works with authors, series editors, and other publishers and organizations to develop projects and manuscripts for publication. Please click here to view our submissions page:

Subject areas for each editor are listed below their contact.

Editor in Chief
Gianna F. Mosser

Subjects: comparative literature, critical ethnic studies, critical theory, early modern/Renaissance, performance studies, theater studies, women’s studies, Chicago regional, creative nonfiction, drama, fiction, literature in translation, social movements/social justice

Series: Critical Insurgencies, FlashPoints, Performance Works, Rethinking the Early Modern, Second to None: Chicago StoriesCurbstone, Northwestern World Classics, TriQuarterly fiction

Acquisitions Editor
Trevor Perri

Subjects: film studies, German studies, Jewish studies, literary criticism, philosophy, Slavic studies

Series: Diaeresis, Rereading Ancient Philosophy, Studies in Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy, Studies in Russian Literature and Theory


Acquisitions Editor
Parneshia Jones

Series/Imprints: TriQuarterly poetry


Editorial, Design, and Production Staff

These editors work with manuscripts that have been accepted for publication and put them through a rigorous editorial process, communicating with the author through the copyediting and proofreading stages, and collaborating with the production department to finalize the book for the printer.

Managing Editor/Manager of Design and Production
Anne Gendler
(847) 491.3844

Special Projects Editor Nathan MacBrien
(847) 467.7362

Creative Director
Marianne Jankowski
(847) 467.5368

Production Manager Morris (Dino) Robinson
(847) 467.3392


Sales and Marketing Staff

Director of Marketing and Sales
JD Wilson
(847 )467.0319

Sales and Community Outreach Manager and Poetry Editor 
Parneshia Jones
(847) 491.7420

Digital Content and Systems Coordinator
Emily Dalton 
(847) 467-2434