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ISBN 978-0-8101-1342-8
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Publication Date
November 1995
Page Count
120 pages
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5 x 8


Botho Strauss

Richard Schroubeck, a Berlin bookseller in his early thirties, has entered a devastating time in his life. His girlfriend, Hannah, has left him, and Richard does not know why. Introspective, egotistic, and terribly dependent, Richard is sure Hannah will return, if only because he cannot live without her. He withdraws to his apartment, pouring out his guilt and hopes into writing. For weeks he quits bathing and shaving, and takes a perverse delight in his heroic despair. Though he is certain that absolution will come when Hannah returns, he comes, in time, to realize that the constant writing has become his true devotion.

About the Author

Botho Strauss, one of Germany's most controversial writers, writes of a Germany hobbled by her past and drifting toward dehumanization.
"Devotion is an agile analysis of the state of the self drowning in information--and the possibility of being rescued by art." --Boston Phoenix Literary Supplement

"This slim volume by the German playwright Botho Strauss is a dialogue of the writer with himself, and a brilliant, hard-edged analysis of the act of writing itself. . . . like a sculpture by Giacometti—clean, pared-down, and without a shred of unnecessary flesh."

—Lore Dickstein, Saturday Review