Infinite Phenomenology

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Publication Date
October 2015
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424 pages
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Infinite Phenomenology

The Lessons of Hegel's Science of Experience
John Russon

Infinite Phenomenology builds on John Russon’s earlier book, Reading Hegel’s Phenomenology, to offer a second reading of Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit. Here again, Russon writes in a lucid, engaging style and, through careful attention to the text and a subtle attunement to the existential questions that haunt human life, he demonstrates how powerfully Hegel’s philosophy can speak to the basic questions of philosophy. In addition to original studies of all the major sections of the Phenomenology, Russon discusses complementary texts by Hegel, namely, the Philosophy of Spirit, the Philosophy of Right, and the Science of Logic. He concludes with an appendix that discusses the reception and appropriation of Hegel’s Phenomenology in twentieth-century French philosophy. As with Russon’s earlier work, Infinite Phenomenology will remain essential reading for those looking to engage Hegel’s essential, yet difficult, text.

About the Author

JOHN RUSSON is a professor of philosophy at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada. With Patricia Fagan, he edited Reexamining Socrates in the "Apology" (2009), and with John Sallis, he edited Retracing the Platonic Text (1999), both published by Northwestern University Press.