Know It by Heart

Trade Paper – $17.95

ISBN 978-1-880684-95-5
Publication Date
June 2003
Page Count
256 pages
Trim Size
5.5 x 8.5

Know It by Heart

When a racially mixed family moves into an all-white neighborhood in East Hartford, Connecticut, in 1961, lives are altered forever. Karl Luntta's Know It by Heart follows the adventures of young Dub Teed, his sister Susan and neighbor Doug Hammer, who befriend newly arrived Ricky Dubois, the daughter of an African-American woman and her white husband. When burning crosses appear at night-and worse-the young adolescents set out to find justice and discover themselves in the process.

Despite the book's serious anti-racist theme, Know It by Heart is filled with humor reminiscent of Mark Twain. In this suspenseful novel, Karl Luntta brilliantly captures the world of the young adolescent in his characters and dialogue and in the innate comedy and awkwardness of that age. This is a book that will appeal to parents and teenagers alike.


About the Author

Karl Luntta is an experienced Rough Guides author and writes regularly on St. Lucia for numerous publications. He is a newspaper columnist and has published fiction in International Quarterly, Baltimore Review, North Atlantic Review, and others.

Natalie Folster is an experienced travel writer and journalist and regularly returns to St. Lucia.

"Storytelling that makes abundant use of unforgettable characters, a compelling sweep of events, colorful dialogue, and a mind-set that captures the essence of an era. Karl Luntta is a first-rate talent."

—Lary Bloom, author of The Writer Within