Living Glimmering Lying

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ISBN 978-0-8101-1283-4
Publication Date
August 1999
Page Count
171 pages
Trim Size
6 x 9

Living Glimmering Lying

Botho Strauss

Populated by characters who are searching for meaning in life and in one another--a hiker waiting for a train in a deserted station, a television journalist who meets an old lover he doesn't really recognize, mismatched lovers, couples married and casual, lost and lonely people--Botho Strauss's Living Glimmering Lying is a melancholy collection of sketches and vignettes, a series of tableaux of post-reunification Berlin.

About the Author

Botho Strauss, one of Germany's most controversial writers, writes of a Germany hobbled by her past and drifting toward dehumanization.

Roslyn Theobald is also the translator of Barbara König's Our House, published by Northwestern University Press in 1998.


"A voyeur in the crowd, [Strauss] uses this vantage point to reveal the hidden truths and underlying misery of a technologically and historically burdened world."
--New York Times Book Review