Second to None: Chicago Stories


Since the city’s founding in 1833, Chicago’s diverse neighborhoods, people, music, and food have captured the attention of a worldwide audience. Celebrated for its gritty, unapologetic, and relentless “can do” spirit, the city has asserted an outsized influence on the development of modern American culture. Chicago gave rise to the skyscraper. It sharpened the political appetites of Abraham Lincoln and Barack Obama. It transformed jazz from a southern musical style into a major international music movement. It defied Prohibition efforts, thanks to mobster-run distilleries and speakeasies. It gave life to Derek Rose and his famous knees. This series invites projects that spotlight the spirit of Chicago and its people in an engaging, widely accessible, and historically accurate manner. These alternative, underground, and yet-to be chronicled stories will reveal the connective tissues that make up the real Chicago.

Submitting a Proposal:

Second to None: Chicago Stories will feature books written by journalists, novelists, essayists, community activists, and other recognizable Chicagoans.

About the Editor:

Harvey Young’s research on the performance and experience of race has been widely published in academic journals, profiled in the New Yorker, the Wall Street Journal and the Chronicle of Higher Education, and cited in the New York Times and the Boston Globe. He has published seven books, including Embodying Black Experience, winner of “Book of the Year” awards from the National Communication Association and the American Society for Theatre Research and, most recently, Black Theater Is Black Life: An Oral History of Chicago Theater, with Queen Meccasia Zabriskie (Northwestern 2013). Dr. Young has served on the Board of Directors of the American Society for Theatre Research, the Yale Club of Chicago, and the African American Arts Alliance of Chicago. He is a professor of African American studies, performance studies, radio/television/film, and theatre at Northwestern University.

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Gianna Mosser, Acquisitions Editor,

Topics may include:

• Visual and performance arts

• Gentrification

• Politics and traditionally marginalized communities

• Sports

• Music

• Food folkways


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