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Publication Date
April 1998
Page Count
154 pages
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A Selection of Verse, 1977-1997
Pamela White Hadas

A National Book Critics Circle Award Finalist

A Library Journal Best Poetry of 1998 Selection

Pamela White Hadas won enthusiastic recognition for her early books of poetry, Designing Women and Beside Herself. In Self-Evidence, she selects the best of her published work and combines it with poems never before collected. This collection contains legendary, mythic, historical, and imaginary characters--Lilith, Pocahontas, Simone Weil, the wives of Watergate, a circus performer, and others. With playful originality and virtuoso voicing, Hadas weaves breathtaking tapestries of women's loves and labors.

"A tour-de-force exploration of women in history." --Library Journal

About the Author
"A tour-de-force exploration of women in history." --Library Journal