Watercolor Women / Opaque Men

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ISBN 978-1-931896-20-7
Publication Date
September 2005
Page Count
160 pages
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5.4 x 8.4

Watercolor Women / Opaque Men

A Novel in Verse

2006 Independent Publisher Book Award for Story Teller of the Year Winner

Watercolor Women / Opaque Men is a wild and raucous narrative of a single, working mother, the daughter of Chicano migrant workers, and her struggles for upward mobility. With a remarkable combination of tenderness, wicked humor, and biting satire, the main character, Ella-or "She"-moves toward establishing her sexual identity (she has affairs with both men and women) and finding her rightful place in the world while simultaneously raising her son to be independent and self-sufficient.

Reminiscent of the picaresque novel, Watercolor Women / Opaque Men contains episodes that range from the Mexican Revolution to modern-day Chicago and reflects a deep pride in Chicano culture and the hardships immigrants had to endure: "In my familia we don't / pretend. / We're not / Mixed blood. There are no buried / Spanish titles beneath /anyone's tombstone." Nor does Castillo tolerate the pretensions of others. Pomposity, arrogance, and narrow-mindedness are the targets of her satiric pen.

In a strong rhythmic and colloquial voice, Castillo explores these issues of love, sexual orientation, and cultural identity, taking to heart the words of Mamá Grande: "You will always be your most reliable resource."

About the Author


Ana Castillo is indisputably one of the most important Chicana authors writing today.  She has written 17 books, the most noted being Peel My Love like an Onion and So Far from God. Born in Chicago of working-class parents, she went on to earn a PhD in American studies at the University of Chicago. Both as a journalist and literary author, she has been a major force in the struggle for economic justice, women's rights, and civil liberties. She has also won numerous awards, including the American Book Award, the Carl Sandburg Award, and the Mountains & Plains Booksellers Award. At present, she lives in Anthony, New Mexico.