Weary Men

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Publication Date
March 1999
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256 pages
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Weary Men

Arne Garborg, translated by Sverre Lyngstad, and afterword by Per Buvik

With its angst-ridden, sensualist hero, Anne Garborg's classic invites comparison with the classic European decadent novels of the turn of the century--Huysmans's Against the Grain and Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray. Unlike the protagonists of those novels, however, the hero of Weary Men is treated with irony. And while it is a brilliant novel of ideas, Weary Men has endured primarily because of the acuity with which Garborg explores the roguish main character's psychological makeup.

About the Author

Arne Garborg, born Aadne Eivindsson Garborg (25 January 1851, Time - 14 January 1924) was a Norwegian writer. Garborg championed the use of Landsmål (now known as Nynorsk, or New Norwegian), as a literary language; he translated the Odyssey into it. He founded the weekly Fedraheim in 1877, in which he urged reforms in many spheres including political, social, religious, agrarian, and linguistic. He was married to Hulda Garborg.


"Both painstakingly discursive and persuasively dramatic, this is an impressive confessional work worthy of comparison to Dostoevsky's Notes from the Underground and also such later nihilist masterpieces as Hamsun's Mysteries and Gide's The Immoralist." —Raleigh News & Observer

"A rich work." —Kirkus Reviews